The Surrender Of Lacy Morgan

An Erotic Novel

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U.S. Marshal, Quinn Halliday, searches for a gang of outlaws responsible for the robbery of the First Bank of Cheyenne and the murder of three people, one of whom is his mentor, the man who raised him after his parents died. With his blood brother, Dakota, he’ll do whatever he has to in order to bring the murdering thieves to justice, even if that means bringing the leader’s daughter to her knees to serve their sexual needs.

Lacy Morgan, unaware of her natural submissiveness, is the stepdaughter of the gang’s leader, Devil Morgan, a man who taught her the meaning of fear. Managing to escape her lecherous stepfather’s grasp, she’s hidden herself as the schoolmarm in a tiny hole-in-the-wall place where even her stepfather wouldn’t look for her.

Dakota O’Keefe, a Marshal and horse whisperer, is the half-breed son of a white trapper and the daughter of a Sioux medicine man. An outcast in two worlds, he’ll follow his blood brother and partner into the bowels of hell to find the gang and avenge their mentor. A natural voyeur, he has shared many a bed with Quinn and his women, but even as he helps subdue this sultry redhead he realizes she is something more to his brother.

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