A New Year, A New Book!

Welcome back to my website! A new year, means a brand new book!

I’m proud to let y’all know that I’ve completed VANISHED, the fourth book in the Edgars Family Romantic Suspense series.

So now that the book is in the editing process with a tentative release date of 2/28/14, I thought I’d share the cover:

Vanished final Bestselling w quote

When my cover designer, Lyndsey Lewellen of LLewellen Designs, http://lyndseylewellen.wordpress.com/ and I were discussing the book, we wanted to keep the same branding for it as the other books in the series. There was some joking about not having a cover, sinces it VANISHED. We quickly left that idea, then decided on a color. PURPLE. Not just purple, but PURPLE. (I love that commercial!)

We’ve had this design for a few months and it was very difficult for me not to reveal it then. I’m terrible about keeping things I’m excited about under wraps!

So who and what’s this book about? Well, this is the youngest Edgars brother, Luke’s book. And I’ve had his heroine in mind for a long time, her name is Abigail Prudence Whitson, and she’s an analyst for the Treasury Department, the agency Luke used to work for before moving over to Homeland. Here’s the blurb:

They had a history…

Five years earlier Luke Edgars and Abigail Whitson met at FLETC, the training center for government agents in Georgia. It was instant dislike. She thought him an arrogant showoff flirt, he thought it would be safer for everyone if she stayed behind her analyst’s desk.

Now she was in trouble…

Abigail’s friend called and asked her to fly to Cleveland so she could discuss some “irregularities” she’d found in her company’s financial books. When Abigail arrives, she discovers her friend missing and the condo a bloody, chaotic mess. The local field agent who meets her at the crime scene is the last man she ever wants to see again.

He needs to protect her…

Luke realizes that not only does Abby need his help to find her friend, but the friend has put Abby in the cross-hairs of a secret group who abducted her. As they work together, Luke discovers Abby’s secret and she comes to realize he’s always been trying to protect her. But if they don’t find her friend soon, she and others could be in danger of vanishing forever.

So what’s next?

Well, after a week off from writing to clean my house, (UGH!) I’m switching gears and going to start working on the 3rd book in the Westen Series, tentatively titled Close To The Fire. Yes, this will be Deke Reynolds’ story. There will be some fun things happening with the release of this book and a contest to name the new beauty salon in Westen! Watch the newsletter for more information on that! (If you haven’t signed up, please go to the Contact page of this website to do so!)

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