Secret Project!


Capitol Danger final revisedAbout two years ago, my friend, author and fellow Romance Bandit, Jeanne Adams and I got to talking about doing a romantic suspense anthology. We wanted to make it four stories and include other romantic suspense authors into the mix. As we chatted by phone, one of us mentioned the movie Viewpoint. It was a uniquely dynamic movie about an assassination attempt and subsequent fall out as seen by various individuals involved before, during and after the event. Both Jeanne and I loved it!

So, of course we then began the “what if?” game that authors play when brainstorming stories. What if…all four stories were to take place at the same time? What if they were all connected by the same event and same bad guys? How cool would that be?

We knew we were on to something, because as much romantic suspense as we’d both read, we knew no one, I mean NO ONE, had ever done anything like this. We decided to limit the number of people we told. But I was so excited, I just had to tell my good friend, J.D. Tyler over one of our lunches. Her eyes lit up! She leaned in close and said, “I want in.”

That made three.

In the mean time, Jeanne was having the same conversation with one of our fellow Romance Bandit members, Nancy Northcott. Nancy loved the idea and she became our fourth conspirator!

The book, while four completely different stories, are all meant to be read in order as one long book!! 

After months of writing our interlinking stories, along with a great prologue by Jeanne; desigining a cover with our cover artist, Lyndsey Lewellen of LLewellenDesigns; editing by our wonderful editor, Tanya Saari; and the fantastic formatting by Mitchel Rhodes of Libris In Caps.…we are proud to let you know CAPITOL DANGER is available for download at Amazon, iTunes, B&N and KOBO!

Happy Reading!!


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