EXPOSED, Edgars Family book #5
Exposed 3D


The moment Deputy U.S. Marshal Frank Castello, walked into HUNTED, book #2 of the Edgars Family romantic suspense series, I knew two things–exactly what he looked like and that he was going to be an active part of the entire series.

Castello is an older guy for a hero, nearing forty. (On my story board I have a picture of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as my inspiration. Click here to see it.)

As I wrote EXPOSED, I learned many things about our man Castello. (One of the perks of being a writer, you get to learn things before the reader does!)

With the Marshals since he graduated college, Castello’s a man of few words, a fact our heroine in EXPOSED quickly tunes into. He’s also very neat and organized, bordering on Obssessive Compusive Disorder. Another quirk Sydney Peele picks up on. As a Deputy Marshal, he’s had some bad run-ins with Paparazzi-type photographers in his career. To say he hates photographers is putting it mildly. So, of course, Sydney is a fashion photographer. (Yes, yes I did go there!)

Castello begudgingly takes Sydney home after the wedding of Abby Whitson and Luke Edgars (VANISHED and CAPITOL DANGER), only to find her home in blazes when they arrive. From that moment on, Castello’s protective instincts and training take over.

This was a book many readers have been asking for and I think you’ll enjoy the story of Frank and Sydney, coming June 15th.

Happy Reading!


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