UNMASKED–Standing alone


I wanted to take the time to let you know that UNMASKED is a re-issue book.

Four years ago, I teamed up with three other writers to do a project titled CAPITOL DANGER. We each wrote a story in different perspectives at a hotel where terrorists invaded. UNMASKED is my contribution to that project. It features Luke Edgars and Abigail Whitson, the hero and heroine of VANISHED.

One of the things about writing love stories for characters is sometimes you feel there’s still more to their journey. Like in SEIZED we see that even a couple married for years as Dave and Judy were, and with children in the mix, still have more to show us in their love story. I always felt Luke and Abby’s story needed more telling. Writing UNMASKED allowed me to give them that opportunity to grow as a couple. It’s a continuation of their love story under dangerous circumstances. Also, U.S. Deputy Marshal Frank Castello is along for the ride and this leads into his situation at the beginning of his story in EXPOSED.

If you read CAPITOL DANGER, you’ve read this book, (although in this re-issue I’ve changed the name of the hotel, bad guys and their terrorist group to make it my own). If you didn’t get a chance to read CAPITOL DANGER, that book is no longer available, as we four authors have decided to publish our stories as stand-alone novellas. So, this is your opportunity to read UNMASKED on it’s own.

I hope you will enjoy seeing more of Luke, Abby and Castello in UMASKED, as much as I did writing about them.

As always thank you for your support of me and my books.

Happy reading,



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SHANGHAIED, is the first book in a five book series, NEPTUNE’S FIVE, prequels to the widely popular Edgars Family Novels. In this series, we’re going to jump back to pre-WWII and a group of ONI, Office of Naval Intelligence, agents who are searching for Nazi spies working in the U.S.

In SHANGHAIED, we meet Zach Edgars, (the grandfather to Sami Edgars and her brothers). Posing as a modern-day pirate/smuggler, and with only one clue, a note left in the pocket of his dead informant that reads, Shanghaied in Wilmington, he focuses his attention on the small bar of that name.

Sophie Moore is the daughter of the owner of the SHANGHAIED bar. Busy working on keeping the bar open, her father cared for and her clients happy, she doesn’t have time for a man in her life. Especially not the dark-haired pirate named Neptune using the SHANGHAIED to meet with other criminals.

Here’s Sophie’s impression of Neptune:

With the long trench coat slapping against his pants at every step, his dark hair touching the top of his collar and the fisherman’s cap pulled low over his eyes, he moved with a swagger eerily reminiscent of the marauding pirates who used to roam the shores of this land. She wouldn’t be surprised to see a French flintlock gun and cutlass hanging from his belt beneath the coat. A shiver of awareness, as well as fear skittered across her spine.

So, how did I end up writing this new series? Well, I was approached by another author to write a pirate novella for a group project. Me? Write a pirate book? I write contemporary romantic suspense and small town romantic suspense and a few historical romantic suspense books. I don’t do pirates. 

I thought about it a while and at the same time was reading a magazine about spies in WWII, because I love history. The more I thought about the project, the more I thought I could move my timeline to 1941 and have my “pirate” be a cover for someone looking for spies! Wha-la! I had my story idea. So I started working on my version of a pirate book.

Then the project went south and I no longer had a deadline or word count limit. Good thing, because this book was longer than a novella of 25,000 to 30,000 words. I let the characters take it where they would and am very pleased with the not so pirate, pirate book. In fact, it’s more of a “spy-chasers” book. The first of five, because there are 5 crew men on this team. You’ll meet them all in SHANGHAIED.

It should be released before the end of January!! YIPPEE!! I’ll keep you posted in the newsletter and on FB!


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Close to Danger final


AVAILABLE @ iTunes, Amazon, KOBO and B&N

Danger stalks her:

For weeks, attorney Chloe Roberts senses someone following her. Always in her periphery, she’s been unable to catch them. Then the phone calls and hang-ups start. The only reprieve was when she was in Westen for her sister’s wedding. Now, whoever it was, they’ve progressed to text messages…more and more threatening ones.

Danger trails him:

Six years ago, Wes Strong wandered into the small town of Westen. A lone wolf, he’s looking to find a place to put an end to the guilt he carried in his soul over the loss of most of his dark ops team during an extraction of a hostage in the jungle.  While Wes hunts the predator stalking Chloe, his own past has him in its cross-hairs.

Danger blows in:

A winter storm turns into a blizzard, covering the entire state of Ohio. Power outages and arctic temperatures endanger the small town of Westen, traps Chloe and Wes in a cabin on the outskirts of town and forces Chloe’s stalker to escalate his threat.

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Cantrell’s Bride-a new look


cantrells-bride-final-for-barnes-and-nobleLIMITED TIME SALE:      $0.99 @ Amazon

Due to Ellora’s Cave Publishing going out of business, as of January 1, 2017 I have received the rights back to my American historical romance, CANTRELL’S BRIDE! WOOT! We’re revamping and reformatting the book to fit the Suzanne Ferrell brand and match it up with the sequel in that series, TURNER’S VISION.

So here’s the new cover! Isn’t it better? Lyndsey Lewellen of LLewellen Designs did an excellent job, as always, of giving this the historical, western and romantic feel that story encompasses. We used a special antique feeling font to match the font in the original cover and in Turner’s Vision.

Here’s the blurb:

Spinster librarian Laura Melbourne is in danger. She’s the only witness to the murder of a senator, and the assassin is hunting her. Desperate to flee, she agrees to become a mail-order bride.

The last thing Nathan Cantrell wants is a new wife, especially one with secrets. What he needs is someone on his Colorado farm to help care for his daughter, a child who has limited contact with the world around her. For his daughter’s sake, he advertises for a mail-order bride.

Nathan is surprised to find himself tempted by Laura, but her ability to care for his daughter prevents him from sending her packing. Soon their marriage is more than one in name only, but the secret from her past threatens not only their tentative union, but their very lives.

I know historical western/American historicals are a little different than my normal fare, but I hope you’ll take a chance and read Nathan and Laura’s story in CANTRELL’S BRIDE and then follow Micah and Claudia in TURNER’S VISION.

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