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**UNMASKED is a re-issue novella previously part of the anthology CAPITOL DANGER (no longer available). Minor changes to places and secondary characters have been changed, but the story of Luke and Abby is the same as in the anthology.**




U.S. Treasury agents now assigned to Homeland Security, Abigail Whitson and Luke Edgars are working an undercover operation during the inaugural ball in an attempt to discover who has stolen land to air missiles before they can be sold to a broker—their target for the night. When the playboy arms dealer arrives at the ball, his bodyguard turns out to be someone from Luke’s past.

That isn’t the only surprise of the night. When the ball is invaded by terrorists, Abby and Luke find themselves trying to extract the arms dealer from the fray to protect their mission, while they also risk their lives to protect innocents from the carnage.


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