TRACKED, book 2, Neptune’s Five


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November 1941.
America remains politically neutral in the war rocking the rest of the world. In the background, government and military leaders are preparing for the inevitable by shoring up the Army and Navy.

A cryptic message
Army codebreaker Ruth Haynes, daughter of a retired colonel, recognizes the code she and her brothers created as children. One brother, a spy for the British, is warning her of a Nazi plot to sabotage the 2nd Armored Division during secret war maneuvers, the same division where his twin is a gunner on a tank. When her attempts to alert both the Army and the State Department of the imminent danger meet deaf ears, she goes to her friend Sophie and the Neptune’s Five team for help.

His mission
Known by the locals as ghost, Sean “Scout” Hanahan grew up poor in the mountains of Kentucky silently hunting for prey to feed his family. The youngest member of the spy-chaser team, he functions as both their tracker and sniper. When Neptune assigns him to shadow the little lady codebreaker, he saves her from dangerous men on her trail. As the pair team up to search for the saboteurs, her safety is now his first priority.

Danger draws near
As storm clouds of war near the shores of America, can Ruth, Sean and the team uncover the traitor in their own government and stop the spies before lives are lost?