The lone wolf…

In her law enforcement family, Zoe Edgars has always been the outlier. Working for a secretive agency to take down dangerous criminals and on the trail of a ghost from her past, she’s attacked on a remote Virginia mountain highway and left for dead.

A recluse who trusts no one…

Connor Davis, a search and rescue dog trainer, finds an injured and unconscious woman on a mountain ledge in his holler. Strangers are nothing but trouble, however with a blizzard predicted for the entire Appalachia region, he has no choice but to carry her down the mountain to his cabin.

Danger is locked in her memories…

Zoe awakens in a strange bed with a strange man. Suffering from multiple injuries, her head throbs like she’s been on a three-day bender, and her brain is scrambled. As she struggles, with Connor’s help, to recover her memories, she realizes she’s not the only one in danger. With the clock ticking she and Connor must survive another attack, race against time to stop a deadly plot, and save the future of the nation.

Will they be able to overcome their personal struggles and stop the conspiracy before it’s too late?